Australia is independently eclipsing the isolationist trend that many world powers are embracing because of economic upheaval and uncertainty. One of the finest examples of the business and cultural communities of Australia taking control of their own destinies is the new bond with mainland China. Shanghai in particular, is practically an Australian “adoptive city”.

The combination of the world’s busiest shipping port (Shanghai) and the growing trade strength of the Australian dollar are forming a laudable new partnership. Though Shanghai is controlled by strict Communist mandate, and Australia is a collection of free states, the partnership is mutually beneficial and sparking tremendous growth.

Throughout modern history, Shanghai has been the epicentre of many conflicts. These range from the Opium Wars of the 1800s, to incurring the brunt of Japanese attacks on China during WWII. Australia has always been a self-sustained, culturally and physically isolated nation that was subject to extremes in economic levels.

With the advent of online commerce, the loosening of tariffs and trade barriers and the exchange of human resources, Shanghai and Australia are pointed directly into a successful fiscal relationship. Aussie Chambers of Commerce representatives have recently been allowed to permanently establish offices in Shanghai, and Australia now welcomes the innovations of their Asian partners. In essence, currency, trade and the sharing of ideas has closed the gap that is centuries of conflict and thousands of miles of saltwater.

In troubling times, the vitality of both of these large countries and their willingness to share a hemisphere for the greater good, should be an encouragement to all businesses, people and governments!